Script Break Down

by Michael Neel & Greg Ansin

The script breakdown works in conjunction with the storyboards. The script breakdown is the part of the script you’ll be filming from when you say “action” till “cut.” For every shot in your movie.

A Story Board from “The Meat Man”.

Work from your storyboards to create the breakdown. See what angles you’ll need to film for coverage. Break out the script that corresponds to each story board.

The script breakdown for the story board above…from “The Meat Man”.

From these break outs (we called them sequences), you’ll be able to figure out coverage, blocking, time of day,locations, actors, props, crew and other info. Make a title page for each sequence with all this info, so in one glance you can see what you need at that moment.

The sequence title page for script and the story board above…from “The Meat Man”.

I suggest putting all your break script downs and story boards in a 3-ring binder.

The script breakdown book for “The Meat Man”. Got to love the cover.

Once you can do this for your whole film you’ll be ready for the set.




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