Before your first Shoot

by Michael Neel & Greg Ansin
Script breakdown for the Meat Man. Every thing we needed.

Make sure your script breakdown is ready, organized in a binder by location and time of day. So for each scene/set up you’ll need to know:

Special equipment
Time of day

All the info you need on one page.

Once you have this it will help you out your shooting schedule. It is always a balance between how to do everything in the time you have a location.

Tabs are great so you can grab whole sections at once.

Planning is incredibly important. You need to know what scenes and shots you are going for and have them arranged in your script breakdown binder so you can rip through them on the day and not forget anything in the scene.

If you can do this to your whole script breakdown then you are ready to shoot.

Try to imagine how long each day will take. If the scenes only involve a few people and no complicated camera or effects work, it will probably be quicker. Scenes that involve intensive effects or large groups of people usually take longer. Moving all your gear and people from one location to another also adds time. The more you shoot the better you will get at figuring these things out.

Double confirm call times with crew, actor and locations at least 48 hours before the shoot.



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