Props and Art Direction

by Michael Neel & Greg Ansin We’ve mentioned before that one of the major assets you have is your TIME. Wood, nails, paint and you got a spooky sign. Props and art direction are great examples of how to use your time effectively. Art direction involves the overall look of the props and set, so […]

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Audio Alert!!!

by Michael Neel & Greg Ansin Audio is very important. Do not overlook it. Again, audio is VERY important. DO NOT OVERLOOK IT!!!! John Gage, sound person for Drive-In Horrorshow, waits for the shot. You must hire a competent sound person. If you can record directly into the camera it is okay and saves time […]

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by Michael Neel & Greg Ansin A good location is a very inexpensive way to add production value to your film. Any location where you can show up and not change much in terms of props/furniture/decorations/etc will save you time and money, and let you focus your energy elsewhere. A good location makes the scene. […]

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by Michael Neel & Greg Ansin Know the characters in your story. The right actors will make your film. They will also make your life as a director much easier. Casting is an important step in making your film. Using your roommate or close buddy might work out but most people with little to no […]

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On an indie film, your crew is your backbone. On the set of “The Closet”. Some general notes about crew before we define each member’s role/job. You will have to wear many different hats so be ready to jump in. However, trying to everything at once will not work. On the day of the shoot, […]

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Script Break Down

by Michael Neel & Greg Ansin The script breakdown works in conjunction with the storyboards. The script breakdown is the part of the script you’ll be filming from when you say “action” till “cut.” For every shot in your movie. A Story Board from “The Meat Man”. Work from your storyboards to create the breakdown. […]

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