Audio Alert!!!

by Michael Neel & Greg Ansin

Audio is very important. Do not overlook it.

Again, audio is VERY important. DO NOT OVERLOOK IT!!!!

John Gage, sound person for Drive-In Horrorshow, waits for the shot.

You must hire a competent sound person. If you can record directly into the camera it is okay and saves time and money, but some lower-end cameras are notorious for random pops and cracks; nothing too bad but it will add to your post production time. The cleaner audio you can get for the film the less you will have to fix in post production. Good field audio makes your job in editing much easier, and good audio makes your story shine.

Post production studio time can be expensive, so try to get clean audio in the field.

Getting good audio will put you ahead of the game. Many indie filmmakers don’t get good audio on set and have a big headache in the editing room afterwards. Budget time for it on set. Record rehearsal takes.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it not as important as the images you are filming!


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